Karnataka Exit Polls 2023: 'Not 100% Correct,' Says Bommai, DK Shivakumar Agrees

Karnataka Exit Polls 2023: 'Not 100% Correct,' Says Bommai, DK Shivakumar Agrees

Both leaders dismissed the Karnataka exit polls, most of which showed the Congress as ahead.

Hours after polling booths closed for the Karnataka Assembly Elections 2023, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi expressed gratitude on Wednesday, 10 May.

In particular: "I want to thank the Babbar Sher workers and leaders of Congress for a well-run, dignified and solid people-oriented campaign," Gandhi said in a tweet.

Soon after the electoral process was wrapped up, several pollsters put out calculated guesses on the election results. Some of them such as TV-9-POLSTRAT predicted a hung Assembly, with JD(S) likely to play kingmaker.

At the other end, former Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa said he is "100% confident" that the BJP was going to form the government in the state with "absolute majority."

  • "There is no question of a hung Assembly or a coalition government, but the national leadership will take the final call. We are going to get 115-117 seats so the question of joining with JD(S) right now does not arise. Let us wait and see," senior BJP leader Yediyurappa said.

    'Exit Polls Can't Be 100% Correct': Karnataka CM Bommai

    "Exit polls are exit polls, it can't be 100% correct. We are going to get a complete majority and form the government. I think we should wait till 13 May," Karnataka CM Basavaraj Bommai was quoted as saying by news agency ANI.

    The incumbent chief minister is contesting on a BJP ticket from Shiaggon Assembly constituency.

    Further dismissing the exit poll predictions, Bommai said, "Exit polls are done in a hurry, and there will be lots of errors. There is no question of anybody becoming the kingmaker. For me, the people are the kingmaker and they will bring BJP back to power."