BJP faces alleged sweaters procurement scam in BBMP

BJP faces alleged sweaters procurement scam in BBMP

Bengaluru: After then, Women and Child development minister Shashikala Jolle’s involvement in the alleged egg procurement scam for Anganawadis, the ruling BJP is now facing another corruption charge regarding the procurement of sweaters for school children in which Revenue Minister R. Ashok was allegedly involved. 

BBMP has awarded the tender to actor Komal, brother of BJP leader and actor Jaggesh. Dalit Sangarsh Samiti has alleged that there is a tune of Rs. 1.76 crore corruption taking place in the scheme, minister R. Ashok and Jaggesh pressurized the BBMP to release the amount to Mr. Komal. 

Dalit Sangarsh Samiti (DSS)staged a protest in front of BBMP by selling sweaters to the public and hand over the collected amount to the CM relief fund. DSS founding President Dr. C.S. Raghu made serious charges against Jaggesh, Ashok and Komal in connection with the sweater tender scam. 

The case 

The government has earmarked funds for distributing sweaters to school children for the 2020-21 academic year. However, the BBMP has ordered Karnataka Handloom Corporation to supply sweaters; due to covid, schools were not started in 2020-21, but BBMP has illegally released the amount to Komal the behest of Ashok and Jaggesh, Mr. Raghu alleged. It was also alleged that Mr. Jaggesh has tried to compromise with Mr. Raghu through BBMP education wing joint commissioner Hanumanthappa. He has tried to hush up the scam, Mr. Raghu alleged. 

However, Mr. Komal has denied the charges made against him by DSS, “unnecessarily I have been targeted. I will file a defamation case against the complainant for making a false allegation against me”, Mr. Komal said.

However, recently Mr. Jaggesh has tweeted that corrupt officers at BBMP has made his brother Komal to suffer. “My brother Komal is doing tender works in BBMP; he has succeeded in his business. But he has to run pillar to post to get the release of funds. Later he tested positive and hospitalized”, Jaggesh tweeted on April 27. 

KPCC questions, where is the sweater? 

KPCC has tweeted that it is a novel scheme of supplying sweaters to school children, but it has a due procedure by inviting tender. Here, the tender has been awarded, and money has been released, but where are the sweaters? How many children got sweaters when schools were opened? Chief Minister should take responsibility and answer KPCC tweets. 

KPCC President D.K. Shivakumar tweeted that the ruling BJP has been involved in rampant corruption in procuring sweaters for school children. 

Meanwhile, Mr. Jaggesh, in series of tweets, ruled out his involvement in the alleged scam; he tweeted, “Mr. Raghu is trying to defame me without any basis, I will file a defamation case against him for making false charges against me”, he said. 

You have unnecessarily dragged my name in the case. I will support your fight against corruption but don’t make false charges against me. I will not budge any pressure tactics; you have intentionally made false and baseless allegations against me, there is no excuse for you”, Mr. Jaggesh tweeted.